When will I receive my subscription box?

Within a week after ordering! Tracking info will be provided! We normally ship USPS or FedEx.


Can I pick or change items in my box?

We are just getting started but hope to have customization options open soon.


Can I return a box or cancel my subscription?

Due to COVID-19 we are not accepting returns right now. You can cancel at anytime before the next renewal date.


What can I expect to be in the box?

8-10 curated items that Hamptonites love from the smaller box and 10-12 for the larger box. Our new Georgica Beach Box features 12-14 items including all the same items featured in our other boxes as well as a few extras!

Will there be items made in the Hamptons?



What do I need to do if something in my box is damaged?

Email us at info@HamptonsBoxClub.com


If I order a box for a friend will I be notified once it ships?

Yes, if you enter your email address.


How do I contact Hamptons Box Club?

Email us at info@HamptonsBoxClub.com


Are you really a Hamptons Company?

Yes, we live here and our office is here.